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IPS033 AC Rotary Pump/ GM Alt Mounting Bracket  
IPS032 AC Rotary Pump Mounting Bracket  
Adjustable Rear Camber Tower Bar
IPS160 Billet High Flow K & P Oil Filter  
IPS130 Billet ZF Transmision Cover Plate  
IPS030 Detomaso Rear Plaque Plate  
IPS270 Door Handle - Billet  
IPS036 Early ZF Rear Transaxle Side Mount Kits  
Front Camber Lock Set
IPS024 Front Hood Grill Set    
IPS093 Front Hub - Billet Aluminum  
IPS238 Gas Pedal - Billet Aluminum  
IPS068 Idler Pulley Assemby  
Master Cylinder to Brake Booster Adapter
IPS084 Mechanical Parking Brake Kit  
IPS261 Pulley - Crank
IPS260 Pulley - Water Pump
IPS028 Rear Axle Socket
IPS004 Rear Camber Tower Bar  
IPS147 Rear Deck Lid Shock replacement Kit  
IPS096 Rear Lower Pivot Shaft  
IPS106 Rear Lower Upright Sleeve  
IPS1175 Rear Sway Bar Mount with Plaquer Plate  
IPS067 Remote Thermostat Housing 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" Hose to 2 -10AN Fitting Ports  
IPS048 Removable Rear Lower Cross Members  
IPS047 Steering Column Lower Bushing  
IPS128 Steering Rack Bushing  
IPS008 Sway Bar Cap Billet with Engraved Logo  
IPS205 Sway Bar Cap Billet with Polyurethane Bushing - Sizes 3/4", 7/8", & 1"  
IPS092 Sway Bar Ball Caps - Sizes Available 3/4", 7/8", & 1"    
IPS051 Themostat Blockoff Plate    
ZF103A ZF Transmision Gasket - Lower Cover    
ZF131A ZF Transmision Gasket - Small Side Cover  
ZF143A ZF Transmision Gasket - Rear Cover  
ZF605A ZF Transmision Gasket - Shifter Shaft Housing - Outer  
ZF624A ZF Transmision Gasket - Shifter Box    
ZF904A ZF Transmision Gasket - Side Flange